The Air-Powered Toggle Press: Small but Mighty

BTM Air-Powered Toggle Press

An air-powered toggle press is a simple and flexible tool for assembly that packs a mighty punch when it comes to force. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about the power of the air toggle press. Applications A type of pneumatic press, an air-powered toggle press offers a versatile solution […]

The Unsung Heroes of Assembly Part 2

Close-up of the TV assembly line at the factory

As assembly processes increasingly embrace automation, and technologies like robotics become integral, it’s important not to forget the unsung heroes that keep day-to-day assembly running smoothly.  The shift towards automation and advanced manufacturing techniques has brought numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness. However, this transition often overshadows the contributions of traditional assembly techniques […]

Kolver System empowers a leading technology company with manufacturing flexibility!


Redarc, a technology-based company with 40 years of experience in research, design and development manufacture electronic voltage converters, power supplies, inverters and battery charges for various industries including defence, automotive, medical, marine, mining, and industrial applications. Nathan Ellis, manufacturing engineer at Redarc, explains the benefits of the Kolver torque controller in their manufacturing process. “The […]

Clinching Technology: The Clean and Green Fastening Solution

Engineers overseeing floating solar panels manufactured using clinching technology

Clinching technology is fast becoming the manufacturing superhero as a sustainable fastening solution. The clinching process, a breakthrough in industrial engineering, uses punch and die tooling to create leak-proof joints in a single press stroke. Implemented on a large scale by Audi in 1985, clinching technology has accelerated in recent years because of public and […]

Optimise SMT Line Efficiency With Operator Machine Training

SMT equipment in-house instructor writing on white board

Operator machine training plays a fundamental role SMT Line manufacturing When a manufacturer invests in SMT capital equipment, from Hawker Richardson, it’s the start of a long-term relationship. We support our customers beyond the sales cycle. SMT manufacturing is moving towards the automated Smart Factory environment, where equipment and resources are connected. Upon commissioning, we […]

SMT Manufacturing from High-Mix to High-Volume and All Points in Between

Image of high mix products with SMT manufacturing

Innovations in dual-lane manufacturing boost throughput and flexibility Among the most important markets for today’s electronics SMT manufacturers, IoT (Internet of Things) applications and automotive electrification are characterised by increasing demand for large numbers of a wide range of electronic device types. According to ResearchGate, already more than 50 billion IoT devices such as smart […]

From Clamp to Champ: Harnessing the Power of Toggle Clamps for Manufacturing Success

Close up of Good Hand clamps

The champions of manufacturing operations, toggle clamps, are versatile and indispensable tools used in various industries to secure workpieces, jigs, and fixtures. Their unique design and functionality make them essential for enhancing productivity, efficiency, and safety in the manufacturing process. In this article, we will explore the benefits, applications and types of toggle clamps, shedding […]

Good Hand Toggle Clamp Promotion

Image of Good Hand toggle clamps with 25% off sticker

25% OFF All Good Hand Toggle Clamps For a limited time Hawker Richardson is pleased to offer Good Hand Clamps with 25% off RRP.  Below are some of our best sellers.  See what you can save on Good Hand toggle clamps. You can’t have too many clamps! Order yours today before the offer expires end […]

How To Win the Battle Against SMT Line Downtime – Preventative Maintenance

Service Engineering performing preventative maintenance on a SMT mounter

All electronic manufacturers with SMT production lines have one thing in common: the dread of unplanned downtime, especially if they operate around-the-clock production. In today’s fast-paced manufacturing environment, maintaining reliable and high-yield production processes is challenging. OEMs and CEMs must balance the needs of filling orders, keeping customers satisfied, and handling maintenance downtime before it […]

Invest in Premium SMT Machinery: Achieve Long-lasting Performance

Technician servicing Yamaha Premium SMT Machinery

A Surface Mount Technology (SMT) assembly line is only as efficient as the sum of its parts. Each machine is an essential cog on the line. Some high-volume manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand operate several SMT lines, placing more than one and a half million components per day. Optimal operation and minimised downtime depend […]